“I think raw coconut cream is one of the most important foods in my family’s diet... it’s ideal as a healthy snack or as an ingredient in a raw dessert or smoothie…it contains medium-chain fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to support overall health and detoxification”– Jordan Rubin

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Coconut Kefir

Coconut Kefir

Raw Coconut Kefir
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Living Coconut

We at Original Living Coconut believe a vital and healthful being originates from eating live, nutrient-dense foods in their most natural state.  Our motto is "Crafting foods with integrity is our passion".  Our products are best tasting, finest quality raw coconut foods found anywhere. In 2007, after studying and experiencing firsthand the amazing health benefits of the coconut, Renee’ Ainlay made it her mission to share with the world raw coconut foods containing the highest concentration of beneficial nutrients. By using only raw, organically grown coconuts in her process, she makes delicious raw coconut foods in their beneficial living form.

Why Coconut?

The benefits of coconuts have been known for centuries. In fact, many island civilizations in the Caribbean and South Pacific depended upon the coconut as a staple in their diet. For these islanders the coconut fruit has many uses for its water, milk, meat, and oil. In these island regions, the coconut palm is so highly valued as both a source of food and wellness that it is often referred to as "The Tree of Life." Highly nutritious and packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, coconut can be classified as a “functional food” because of its amazing health properties. The meat of the coconut is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, low in sugars, and high in lauric acid – a key to its many benefits.

Living Coconut – Raw Coconut Kefir

Raw Coconut Kefir is a living food—a raw, probiotic beverage that is one of the most hydrating, digestive-supporting drinks on the planet. Made from the water of raw organically grown coconuts and cultured with probiotics typically found in kefir, this effervescent, non-dairy beverage is a refreshing way to hydrate your body, while supporting digestive health and your:

  • Raw living food
  • Non Dairy
  • Loaded with electrolytes
  • Made from organically grown coconuts
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Infused with a clinically studied probiotic that promotes digestion, and supports immune system function

Unlike most commercially available kefir products which are pasteurized and highly processed, Raw Coconut Kefir is never heated, ensuring the integrity of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and beneficial probiotics.

Usage & Storage

Consume 2 ounces one or more times per day. May be consumed with or without food. It is important to store Raw Coconut Kefir in the refrigerator. New Bottles are best when consumed within 8 months of purchase and within two weeks of opening container.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.